Schedule of Fees

A $2,000 per computer hard-drive, and/or $1,000 per mobile device, retainer is due upon service contract/agreement.  The retainer will be used to pay the final account balance on the final invoice.

Basic – $250 per hour (plus expenses) – minimum 4 hours per hard-drive/media and 3 hours per cell phone/flash media for all expenses related to:

  • Imaging
  • Forensic analysis
  • Client/attorney consultation (after initial)
  • Report preparation
  • Testing/research
  • Forensic Data recovery
  • Discovery
  • Trial or testimony preparation
  • Dissemination/explanation of findings

Appearing for testimony (deposition, court, or stand-by status) is charged at $1,500 per day or any part thereof.

Travel – $125 per hour, with a maximum of 5 hours per day (plus expenses) for all travel (plus $300 for overnight stay, plus mileage/per diem).  Mileage is charged at .60/mile and per diem is based on the current federal per diem rate for the area.

Admin – $125 per hour (plus expenses) portal to portal for all other expenses:

  • Administrative tasks (copying, testing, research, storage, courier, etc)Training
  • Non-Forensic data recovery
  • Courier service
  • Materials Acquisition
Travel/admin fees will apply after the basic 4-hour minimum is reached in computer forensic cases.

Data/media Storage

Once the data is recovered, or imaged, SJDC will return the original media to the client and retain the forensic images until additional services are complete.  Retention of the original computer/hard-drive/media is subject to a $250 per computer/hard-drive/media per calendar month (or any part thereof) charge.  Once services are complete, SJDC will notify the client and charge $250 per drive/media per calendar month (or any part thereof) charge, starting 20 days after notification, for the storage of images.  Drives/media will not be returned until all outstanding balances are settled and storage fee will apply until account balance is paid and drive/media is returned.  Unpaid balances that are 90 calendar days overdue may result in the disposal of drives/images.  In such case, any additional (repeat) service requests will be billed according to this schedule of fees.

Terms and Conditions:

All services are rounded to the quarter hour.  Services are provided on a first-come/first-served basis unless a request for expedited services is received.  Any request(s) for expedited services include an additional fee of 25%.  Invoices are generated on the 15th and last day of each month and are payable upon receipt.  Accounts are considered past-due when invoices are not paid in full within 20 days of being issued.  Clients with past-due accounts will be charged storage fees as outlined above and services will discontinue until account is paid.  All payments are subject to additional incurred fees (i.e. wire fees, returned check fees, etc).  SJDC reserves the right to refuse or discontinue services to anyone for any reason.  The Schedule of Fees is subject to change without notification.  A service agreement is required to retain SJDC.

Download the most recent Service Agreement, which also contains the schedule of fees