Jul 132014

Located in Jacksonville, Florida, St. Johns Data Consulting, LLC (SJDC) provides digital forensic analysis, consulting, training, and expert testimony in support of litigation. We strive to bring our clients the most secure, professional, confidential, and competent assistance to support various types of litigation.

  • Computer Forensics
  • Digital Forensic Imaging
  • Targeted Collections
  • Data Analysis
  • E-mail Recovery/Analysis
  • Web History Analysis
  • Document Analysis
  • Timeline Analysis
  • User History/Access Analysis
  • Recover Hidden/Deleted/Encrypted Volumes
  • Image Analysis
  • Keyword/Phrase Searching
  • Forensic Training
  • Non-Forensic Data Recovery
  • eDiscovery Assistance
  • Data/Evidence Preservation and Storage
  • Trial/Litigation Support
  • Client Consultation
  • Evidence/Chain-of-Custody Documentation
  • On-Site and Lab Acquisitions
  • Report Preparation as Necessary or Requested
  • Cross-Validation of Litigant/Defense Findings
  • Scientific Research
  • Technical Support and Data Consulting

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