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Digital Forensic Analysis, eDiscovery, Consulting

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Digital Forensic Analysis, eDiscovery and Consulting

Located in Jacksonville, Florida, St. Johns Data Consulting, LLC (SJDC) provides digital forensic analysis, eDiscovery, consulting, and expert testimony in support of litigation. We strive to bring our clients the most secure, professional, confidential, and competent assistance to support various types of litigation.

Review and Validation of Opposing Party Findings or Accusations

SJDC will replicate and/or review the findings of other digital forensic professionals (DFPs) to ensure that your clients’ interests are being protected.

Technical Support and Data Consulting

SJDC will provide technical support to requestors/litigants regarding access to, and recoverability of, data. SJDC can assist with the identification and recovery of missing/deleted partitions and hidden volumes.

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