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Digital Forensic Services

St. Johns Data Consulting, LLC (SJDC) primarily provides services in support of civil litigation.  SJDC brings with it 20 years of law enforcement experience, graduate degrees in the administration of justice, digital forensic certifications, and years of applicable training and experience in digital forensics.  As part of litigation support, SJDC performs the following services:


  • Computer Forensics
  • eDiscovery

  • Data Theft

  • Intellectual Property Theft

  • Employer/Employee Disputes

  • Digital Forensic Imaging

  • Targeted Collections

  • Drone Data Extraction and Analysis

  • E-mail Recovery/Analysis

  • Web History Analysis

  • Document Analysis

  • Timeline Analysis

  • User History/Access Analysis

  • Image Analysis

  • Keyword/Phrase Searching

  • Data Recovery

  • Data/Evidence Preservation and Storage

  • Trial/Litigation Support

  • Evidence/Chain-of-Custody Documentation

  • On-Site and Lab Acquisitions

  • Cross-Validation of Litigant/Defense Findings

Mobile Forensics

St. Johns Data Consulting Mobile ForensicsIn addition to our comprehensive computer forensics services, SJDC provides mobile device forensic services, including the recovery of deleted text messages and other content from smart phones. You may ask, “Why is this important to me?”  With the increasingly important role that mobile devices play in our lives, they become a more important source of evidence in litigation.  More and more people are decreasing their computer usage, or numbers of computers, in lieu of using these mobile devices. If you’re not considering mobile devices as a source of evidence you are potentially missing the proverbial smoking gun in your case.  One look at the capabilities of today’s smart phones should illustrate their potential evidentiary value.  If your case involves the use of a cell phone, including a smartphone, or GPS device, give us a call to see how you can leverage our expertise in your case.

  • Cell phone forensics

  • Timeline of user activity (helpful in accident cases)

  • Text messages

  • Call logs and history

  • Pictures

  • Ringtones

  • Video

  • Audio

  • Phone details (IMEI, ESN, phone number)

  • Text Messages

  • Deleted content

  • GPS data, including waypoints

St Johns Data Consulting Mobile Forensics Montage

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